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December 25, 2011

Rakht Charitra 2

Director - Ram Gopal Varma

Genre - Action/Crime/Drama

We put our foot in our mouths when we raved in the review for the first movie that this continuing saga starring Vivek Oberoi will be awesome. We still stand by the first part that it was indeed good. The sequel however, leaves a bad aftertaste. The story here is underdeveloped and looks as if it was done in haste. The ending is abrupt and frankly, a discredit to the first film. Pratap (Vivek) here is like a shadow of himself in the earlier picture. Self-doubting and not as cocksure as he was before, Pratap is defeated time and again by his new nemesis. We weren't even sure who to root for anymore. The 'villain' who was out for revenge or Pratap, who disappointed us with his lack of resolve in dealing with his enemies. Like a cold chapati, this one shouldn't have been served up.


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December 11, 2011


Director - Margot Benacerraf

Genre - Documentary

A Venezuelan documentary about the salt pyramids in a place called Araya and those who made their living there. Trust us, whatever job you're doing right now, it is nothing compared to what these people have to put up with. They toil from day to night, with little payment and in the scorching sun. They were resigned to their fate since childhood and it is the only thing they know. The director chose to shoot like a fly on the wall (in this case, on a salt pyramid) what they actually do in a day. After you watch this, you'll appreciate your job and life like you never did before. It is an affirmation of the human ability to take on what seems impossible and turn it into an amazing possibility. The cinematography in black and white was illuminating too. Take a chance and give this a try. You won't regret it and might even learn a thing or two about human being's indomitable perseverance.


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December 4, 2011


Director - Kenneth Branagh

Genre - Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this is his first foray into commercial film-making. Previously, Branagh was mostly known for bringing adaptations of Shakespeare's plays such as 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Hamlet' to the screen. Although 'Thor' is a God with mythical leanings and his background story is indeed very Shakespearean-like, this is still a huge departure for Branagh. The world in which Thor lives serve well to transport our minds in tandem with the story's progression. We often shoot down the use of CGI but in here, the imagery constructed is wondrously captivating. Resembling a Greek or Shakespearean tragedy amped up with otherworldly disbursement of comic bravado, Branagh has turned the Superhero genre into something with more bite. Thor is a God amongst mortals, and in Branagh's hands, this distinction from the rest of Marvel's and DC's universe of Superheroes is clear. Maybe 'Superman' stood a chance of competing with such an invincible Avenger, but in the big screen at least, that possibility had already ceased to be with the 'Superman' franchise being quite dead in the water. Oh, did we mention that this movie is mighty entertaining as well?

3.5 STARS!

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