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January 27, 2012

A Separation

Director - Asghar Farhadi

Genre - Drama

Everyone and all mothers should watch this movie. Directors, producers,scriptwriters and actors should have the DVD with them at all times as a reminder to be better at what they do. That is how insanely perfect this movie is for us. It is acted with such natural ease the believability factor becomes unquestionable, and directed with such a firm hand it renders most of what Hollywood puts out embarrassing. This is Iranian cinema at its peak looking down on all the poseurs out there. A couple on the verge of divorce encounter a host of problems which test their resolve, sliding their lives into chaotic instability. Before you go 'typical family court drama', let us assure that this is much more than that. It is an investigative thriller structured around a very human drama which will incite you to re-examine your view of what's right and wrong. This sits on the altar of cinema and inspires an almost spiritual adoration of the art form.


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January 13, 2012

You Are the Apple of My Eye

Director - Giddens Ko

Genre - Drama/Romance

Adapted from a popular novel, this movie directed by the author himself was a big box office hit in its home turf. Alas, we do not think that it deserves such warm reception. Crass and juvenile in its presentation, this coming of age story with aspirations in tackling comedy and romance fails at both. The only saving grace here are the 'not so bad at acting', quite likable leads. We were really put off by the constant mention of sex, distasteful sexual innuendos and far too many masturbation scenes. 'American Pie' wasn't all that sophisticated too, but at least it didn't disguise itself as a love story.

2.5 STARS!

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January 8, 2012

Sweet Smell of Success

Director - Alexander Mackendrick

Genre - Drama/Film-Noir

Screenwriters would give their arms and legs for the gift of being able to pen the precision sharp lines in this film. No time or cinema reel were wasted here as barrage after barrage of 'quick on the feet' dialogue takes center stage, spewed almost unceasingly out of the characters' arsenic lips. Tony Curtis plays a press agent named Sidney Falco who has to depend on a spiteful, arrogant columnist (J.J. Hunsecker) played by Burt Lancaster as his meal ticket. When Sidney is asked to do J.J. a favor which compromises Sidney's already thinning view of honor and integrity, what will he choose? They say money is the root of all evil and this movie certainly went out of its way to show how low some of us can stoop to gain a whiff of success. Tony Curtis shrugged off his pretty boy image (this was a different era, mind you) to play a scheming, no good hammerhead and Lancaster exuded an even more despicable great white shark. Together, they represent a hunger for capitalism and a disgust of moral justice. That is actually the crux of the story and the lesson of never giving up our humanity no matter what reverberates even to this day.


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January 1, 2012


Director - Asif Kapadia

Genre - Documentary/Biography

An impeccably realized documentary about legendary Brazilian F1 driver, Ayrton Senna. Through the ups and downs of his career, we are shown the strength of his character and the moments which define him as much more than a well paid F1 driver. Loved and worshiped by Brazilians from all walks of life, he was an inspiration to millions at a time when his home country was in poverty and depression. The director Asif Kapadia deftly maneuvered the film with humor and tension-filled shots of races, often emphasizing with dramatic results the rivalry between Senna and Alain Prost, his nemesis on the race track. For those who know next to nothing about cars (including ourselves), this aspect is a relieve because heavy mention of the technical parts of F1 would have gone over our heads completely. All in all, this is the most exhilarating and moving documentary we've ever seen. Senna was truly a remarkable man and the film does justice to his legend.


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