You Are the Apple of My Eye

Director - Giddens Ko

Genre - Drama/Romance

Adapted from a popular novel, this movie directed by the author himself was a big box office hit in its home turf. Alas, we do not think that it deserves such warm reception. Crass and juvenile in its presentation, this coming of age story with aspirations in tackling comedy and romance fails at both. The only saving grace here are the 'not so bad at acting', quite likable leads. We were really put off by the constant mention of sex, distasteful sexual innuendos and far too many masturbation scenes. 'American Pie' wasn't all that sophisticated too, but at least it didn't disguise itself as a love story.

2.5 STARS!

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amy said…
That bad, huh? A lot of people have recommended I watch this LOL
We just didn't get it Amy. It was messy and crude.
Dreadnaught said…
lol..i have this on a list of movies to watch..might take it off now haha
It is demeaning to both women and men. Sort of like 'Stand By Me' directed by a serial molester or a pervert. We have no clue why this is a big hit in Taiwan.