Law Abiding Citizen

Director - F. Gary Gray

Genre - Crime/Action/Thriller

Entertaining action-thriller starring two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Gerard Butler and Jamie "Give me that role, I can make pigs fly" Foxx. With these two playing a cat and mouse game involving the whole city, we're almost guaranteed a good time. Now comes the bad news. Like this review, the movie started out painting a picture we'd be sorry to overlook. Too bad it couldn't sustain its initial momentum of a clever thriller with action which blow your pants off. The middle section and what followed after that was just too over the top. Watch out for an unintentional, laugh out loud scene which wouldn't feel out of place in a Stephen Chow movie. It is still enjoyable though, just don't expect corn to taste like caviar.


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CavedogRob said…
Interesting view of a movie people told me was great. Lol!
Nice review :)
Am eagerly awaiting this movie....

Hey buddy ,my blog is also about movies ,i wud be glad if u cud drop by & leave ur comments :)

keep blogging
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
Jorn said…
Just saw it today. It wasn't as good as I expected after all the hype, but it was entertaining to the end. Ended too quickly though.