Director - Sergei Bodrov

Genre - Biography/Drama/Romance/War

Aye Caramba! Genghis Khan as a lover? We hope we won't live long enough to see a romantic movie about Saddam Hussein. Shudder. In this epic-wannabe film, Genghis Khan is shown as a compassionate weakling who gets bullied and trashed about since young yet unbelievably is able to gather at whim warriors who are willing to die for him. As his army of men grow larger and his love for a wife who is bedded by half of Mongolia deepens, we are left wondering, have we missed anything? More importantly, have the filmmakers taken on a mountain and settled on a hill instead?


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Univarn said…
I know some people who really loved this movie but I found it shockingly mediocre throughout. Granted Genghis Khans isn't one of those people I find easily sympathetic.
Damn right it was shockingly mediocre! Thank you kind sir. :)

Those who 'really loved' this film must be the same people who loved 'Get Smart' and the fine musical artistry of heavily auto-tuned songs. Endorsing a film like this is a little like wearing real fur. It's bad taste and reflects really unkindly on the person endorsing it.

I found the film to be too mellow. But I think there is a sequel. So hopefully Khan will turn violent in that and start skinning people alive. :-)
You're quite an optimistic person, aren't you Kogi? We do not share your enthusiasm for a sequel to this clunker. Life is too short for us to ever take another risk on this director. If it is helmed by a different director, we might consider it...

Anyway, we applaud your attitude. Guess the glass is always half full for you eh? :)
Yes the glass is always 1/4 full ;-)
S. said…
Some days ago I watched "Bathory" about Erzbeth Bathory. It was so strange cause the movie line was something like "oh, she's such a great lady but...well...sometimes she just like to take blood baths". Weird.
Anyway, I will watch this movie even if I know it's going to be bad. I love that much Asano :)
Hi S., we do not comprehend Asano's appeal. Can you name one good movie that he was in? Please don't tell us Ichi The Killer...! :)
Here are some of the Asano films that I enjoyed. My favorite is Last Life in the Universe
S. said…
I know that at this point is extremely cliche to talk about "Ichi the killer". Even when Kakihara is a great character.
My favorite is also "Last life in universe". But I enjoyed their characters in "Vital", "Tokyo zombie" and "Zatoichi".
And I think he's sexy, what else can I say?
i think this one is a hot

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drynwhyl said…
I agree with you, it wasn't satisfying enough for me having in mind how many talented people who have the cultural-historical understanding worked on this film.
The cinematography was really pretty though.
Oh, and I love Asano, Last Life in the Universe, Survive Style 5+ and Sharkskin Man and Peach Hip Girl being one of my favourite Asano films. :)
Great to have you back drynwhyl! :)
Ghengis Khan as a lover surprises you? Apparently you've never seen the Duke's greatest film, have you?

By "Greatest" I of course mean "worst."
The Duke meaning John Wayne? Sorry we’re not familiar with his movies.