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July 23, 2008

Time (Shi Gan)

Director - Kim Ki-Duk

Genre - Drama/Romance

An insanely jealous girlfriend fears her man will eventually abandon her for another. Confronted with an uncertain future, she makes a drastic move, one that she will never be able to undo. Directed by Korean arthouse extraordinaire Kim Ki-Duk, this film is inundated with feelings of paranoia and suspicion, perpetrated incessantly by the delusional leading lady. Slightly abstract and surreal, it nevertheless probed incisively into the dangers of excessive plastic surgery.

3.5 STARS!

All about Time (Shi Gan)


Hampig said...

This sounds very interesting, I'm defidently going to check it out.

1minutefilmreview said...

Hi Hampig, do check out all films by Kim Ki-Duk, you won't regret that!