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February 26, 2010


Director - Park Chan-Wook

Genre - Drama/Horror/Romance

Park Chan-Wook shreds into the romantic notion of vampires as debonair bad boys with leech-like tendencies in this satiric, untamable film. With a priest who became thirsty for the syrupy goodness of human blood from a lab experiment gone wrong and a married young woman who lets him have his way with her, this is one dark tale but it is also self-deprecatingly funny as well. The lead actress is daring and fearless. Her acting here is equivalent to taking a bungee jump from a plane up in the clouds. Yes, it is that good. Park is fast becoming on par with Pedro Almodovar in giving one of a kind roles to women.


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February 21, 2010

YAM Issue 008

Here's Amy's Chinese New Year's YAM (yetanothermagazine) Mag February 2010 edition. Check out reviews on 'Bright Star', 'New York I Love You', 'Nine' and many more! Great Tiger Year ahead Amy!

February 11, 2010

Paranormal Activity

Director - Oren Peli

Genre - Horror/Thriller

Shot on a shoestring budget, this film made a killing both in profit and in its acclaim accorded by the critics. Considering its dire situation financially, we feel that the director in hindsight really had made something to be proud of. Now, what it didn't do though is give us a good fright. The whole movie felt repetitive as well. It plays like a broken record, forcing our eyes to morph into surveillance cameras, watching this couple gradually break down in fear as the days multiply. We don't actually see the ghost though, which is the creative intent of its director. For us however, this defeats the feature considerably.

2.5 STARS!

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February 3, 2010

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

Director - Werner Herzog

Genre - Crime/Drama

Regardless of this film's association with the one starring Harvey Keitel, we have to say that Herzog's is better by a mile. Sorry Mr. Ferrara, if your movie didn't star Keitel we wouldn't have even mentioned it in the same breath as this one. In 'Port of Call', Nicholas Cage made us recall his offbeat, actor who takes the untravelled path persona which was more prevalent earlier on in his career. You know, before he turned to whoring himself with duds like 'Ghost Rider', 'Bangkok Dangerous' and 'Next'. In a way, cinema's constant re-inventor, Werner Herzog is just the director needed to bring out the best in Cage. Funny, missing a few marbles (actually a whole sack!) and never dull, Cage's role here is like 'Dirty Harry' chanelling 'Igor'. You see, he walks with tilted shoulders and has a mean streak. Saying too much would take away its charm. And that, it has plenty of.


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