Director - Park Chan-Wook

Genre - Drama/Horror/Romance

Park Chan-Wook shreds into the romantic notion of vampires as debonair bad boys with leech-like tendencies in this satiric, untamable film. With a priest who became thirsty for the syrupy goodness of human blood from a lab experiment gone wrong and a married young woman who lets him have his way with her, this is one dark tale but it is also self-deprecatingly funny as well. The lead actress is daring and fearless. Her acting here is equivalent to taking a bungee jump from a plane up in the clouds. Yes, it is that good. Park is fast becoming on par with Pedro Almodovar in giving one of a kind roles to women.


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Shubhajit said…
Terrific writeup!!!

Even before its release Thirst had caught my attention, but lukewarm reviews had dampened by spirits though I'd managed to get hold of it. I guess, given your review, I'll watch it soon.
You're too kind, as always. :) Thank you for stating that our review is terrific, we don't think we're anywhere near your level yet but we do try. Hopefully you'll find 'Thirst' a good watch and we're really eager to read your review on it.
Film Rabbit said…
Thirst was just incredible
Reel Whore said…
Great review for a great film. I'm ready to see more Park Chan-Wook films. I also want to see that actress in more movies.
Right on! The leading actress does deserve special mention, doesn't she? We haven't seen best actress Sandra Bullock in 'The Blind Side' yet but we think Bullock would never in a million years come close to the acting capability of this Korean actress. The only award Bullock deserved was probably the razzie!!!
Reel Whore said…
I still need to see Blind Side and see what/if the hype is worthy. I'd love to see Ok-bin Kim crossover, but I'm still waiting for Vicky Zhao to make it big in the states.
Really? You like Vicky Zhao? We're indifferent about her. She doesn't have great acting skills, just another random Chinese actress for us. Anyway, it's extremely hard for a Chinese actress to make it big in Hollywood. We don't see American producers falling all over themselves to get Zhang Zi Yi in movies even if she is one of the better Chinese actresses alive. The only Chinese actress most Americans can name at the tip of their tongues is probably Bai Ling. And it's for all the wrong reasons i.e. for being a cheap skank with bad taste in clothes.
Reel Whore said…
It is a shame more Chinese actresses can't make it in Hollywood. I had high hopes Zhang Zi Yi would make a name for herself. Always wanted to see her play the new Batgirl. Since that character can't speak for much of her early years, you'd need an expressive actress.

I saw Vicky Zhao in Shaolin Soccer and So Close and figured she might make the action crossover one day. Her cuteness may have overpowered my critical opinion of her. I'll have to be more discerning when I watch Red Cliff.
Zhang Zi Yi as Batgirl would be hot as hell! Thank you for putting that image in our minds. ;-)