Paranormal Activity

Director - Oren Peli

Genre - Horror/Thriller

Shot on a shoestring budget, this film made a killing both in profit and in its acclaim accorded by the critics. Considering its dire situation financially, we feel that the director in hindsight really had made something to be proud of. Now, what it didn't do though is give us a good fright. The whole movie felt repetitive as well. It plays like a broken record, forcing our eyes to morph into surveillance cameras, watching this couple gradually break down in fear as the days multiply. We don't actually see the ghost though, which is the creative intent of its director. For us however, this defeats the feature considerably.

2.5 STARS!

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Dan Stephens said…
The fact we don't see the "ghost" makes this film what it is - taut, tightly edited, superbly conceived. The fear comes from what you bring to the film and how far you let it affect your suspension of disbelief, as well as the reaction and psychological destruction of the characters.

Were you a fan of Blair Witch. Similarly, we don't see the witch, we only get hints at her existence. The same goes for Paranormal Activity. It is in the mere hint that something we cannot control, that goes beyond our comfort zones and the protective environment of the home, does indeed exist, that makes the film so powerful and undeniably scary!
Blair Witch Project was gimmicky and this film to an extend felt that way too. The horror genre is to us very subjective. What scares you may not even give us one tiny goosebumps. We're aware that our reviews could sometimes seem very opinionated but this is our intention. To provoke thoughts and opinions from others.

Thank you for your passionate feelings expressed here Dan. We really appreciate it.