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October 23, 2010


Director - Michael Addis

Genre - Documentary/Comedy

Featuring a collection of interviews with stand-up comedians and entertainers who loath the presence of verbally unshy naysayers (hecklers being the usual derogatory calling card), this surprisingly is also a therapeutic experience for artists everywhere to strive on, regardless of any negative review thrown in their paths. As an entertainer, Jamie Kennedy has had his fair share of criticisms and is the perfect choice as an interviewer rounding up enough ammunition for annihilating these disruptive, antagonistic runts. The director is careful to separate good critics from bad though, getting views from both sides of the ring. Overall, an insightful, fun and fast-paced look into the minds of performers versus their haters. And if you're thinking of becoming a heckler, think again. As shown in this docu-film, your comeuppance (should you choose this avenue of self-expression) can be both painful and deserved.


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October 16, 2010

Whatever Works

Director - Woody Allen

Genre - Comedy/Romance

Larry David plays Boris, a self-proclaimed genius who hates the living daylight out of everything. Socially inept and neurotic like most of Woody Allen's characters, Boris takes in a vagrant played by Evan Rachel Wood and faces a life-changing prospect when Wood's character promptly falls for him. Wood is maddeningly adorable here as the dim-witted foil to David's brainy, sarcastic role. Their exchanges back and forth are funny mostly because Wood is so irresistibly naive in her part. Too bad then for that is the only plus in this. The coming together of David and Allen should have been a winning combination. Instead, the film is quite forgettable if measured by Allen's usual standards.

2.5 STARS!

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YAM Issue 012

Guys, check out Amy's latest and last YAM (yetanothermagazine) magazine on pdf edition. Amy and her crews are setting up a webmag site for YAM coming this December, and here's the link. Gambatte Amy!

October 9, 2010

À bout de souffle (Breathless)

Director - Jean-Luc Godard

Genre - Crime/Drama/Romance/Thriller

Remember when we were in school (well, some of you ARE in school now), how we customized our own files to stamp our personalities and claim ownership? It could be 'Hello Kitty' or 'Thundercats' (we got those as gifts, really!) stickers. No two files are the same. Godard directed his films as if they were his personalized files. 'À bout de souffle', his debut is so full of his own characteristic stamp that it plays like an introductory profile of Godard himself to the world. The story of a devil may care rogue who whilst on the run from the cops still has time and presence of mind to romance a girl feels as spontaneous as can be. Godard chose to take us on the unbeaten path of what a chase movie often feels and looks like. We feel that if he had chosen to make commercial pictures, Godard had all the skills needed. He just refused to do so. His direction was intuitive and unforced, his framing of characters especially the lead actress (Jean Seberg), transfixed and unfaltering. This may well be the moment of birth for modern, independent cinema.

4.5 STARS!

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À bout de souffle (Breathless)

October 3, 2010

Crossing Hennessy

Director - Ivy Ho

Genre - Comedy/Romance

It's a good thing that the ban on Tang Wei had been lifted as she is certainly too good an actress to be left withering in the winds, as proven in this small movie. The script of a man and woman who go on a blind date unwillingly but gradually find common ground gave Tang Wei a fertile ground in which her acting shone the brightest compared to the rest of the cast. In fact, after watching this, we dare say you might not remember the story but you sure will not put Tang Wei out of your minds. Hard, soft, real and altogether as beautiful as an enchanting, lone dewdrop on a tulip, hers is a beauty you want to preserve forever in your memory as if it could go away at any fleeting moment. We know we're waxing lyrical about her like adolescent schoolboys but seriously, there's nothing else to say of this film. Oh alright, it was quite charming. Garr... who are we kidding? It was charming because of her! The rating would be completely different without her.


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