Director - Michael Addis

Genre - Documentary/Comedy

Featuring a collection of interviews with stand-up comedians and entertainers who loath the presence of verbally unshy naysayers (hecklers being the usual derogatory calling card), this surprisingly is also a therapeutic experience for artists everywhere to strive on, regardless of any negative review thrown in their paths. As an entertainer, Jamie Kennedy has had his fair share of criticisms and is the perfect choice as an interviewer rounding up enough ammunition for annihilating these disruptive, antagonistic runts. The director is careful to separate good critics from bad though, getting views from both sides of the ring. Overall, an insightful, fun and fast-paced look into the minds of performers versus their haters. And if you're thinking of becoming a heckler, think again. As shown in this docu-film, your comeuppance (should you choose this avenue of self-expression) can be both painful and deserved.


All about Heckler