Ashes Of Time

- Wong Kar Wai

Genre - Action/Drama

Wong Kar Wai has a real gift of getting the best performances out of his actors and the cast in this film is no different. Special mention has to be given to Maggie Cheung who turned in an incredible, heart wrenching performance. Tony Leung's cool portrayal of a tragic swordsman is awesome too. Wong had certainly turned the whole genre of sword fighting movies on its head and given us his own unique version. Cinematography and soundtrack is as always impeccable.


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bro,i didn't complete watching this one cos it is way too slow moving ;-)

my fave wong kar wai is "days of being wild" (ah fei jeng juin) - one of my all-time-best movies.
Yeah, it's a bit slow, but if you can pass through that, you'll find it's rewarding.
Brian Mulligan said…
Gah, the one Wong Kar-Wai film I have not seen yet! At least with 5 stars I know it's something to look forward to. I've loved all of his films, but I wasn't sure what to make of a Wong Kar-Wai martial arts flick. Do love his hitman relationship flick Fallen Angels though, even if it's one of his weaker efforts. They're all great though.

Also, thanks for swinging by "The Film Script" and throwing in your thoughts. J.S.A. is one I'll have to get around to seeing at some point... but I just finished up Oldboy and I think Lady Vengeance has to be next.
Great! We're sure you'll love it!
According to our valid source, Wong is reworking on Ashes Of Time and to premiere it at the world’s most prestigious Cannes film festival this coming May.
pebi said…
i haven't seen this one yet..i love WKW.
We've just put up the latest poster of 'Ashes Of Time' Redux.