Visitor Q

- Takashi Miike

Genre - Comedy/Horror/Thriller

This movie lives on the edge of insanity and repugnance. What is peculiar though is that Miike has, out of all the filth, created an extreme vision of beauty. It is a beauty that we are surely reluctant and loathe to accept, but it's still what it is. Call it a satire on eroding family values, human indifference, or simply call it a creation of a disturbed individual. What survives in the end is a film that takes you where you've never, ever been before.


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Phillip Kelly said…
And a place no viewer should ever feel the need to go. I love Miike, if for no other reason than I'm going to see a movie that no one else on the planet could imagine making. Though he is an incredible director! I have several write ups on him at my own blog. "Goju" is so perversely wonderful it's hard to imagine not enjoying it. "Visitor Q" however, while I understand what it is and what it's for...well, I don't need to watch someone eat a pile of crap to know it's something I don't want to eat for myself. That's how I felt while watching this movie. Sure there's vision at work here, and a statement that's being made, but it all kinda got lost in it's own perversity.
sitenoise said…
"This movie lives on the edge of insanity and repugnance."

I'll have to be careful not to steal that line.

There was too much breast milk in this movie for me, but I loved it anyway. I just haven't the words to describe it.
Sitenoise - Thank you for the kind compliment. Glad to know we're not alone in loving this film. And you know, milk is good for you. Calcium...builds up your bones...