Director - Timur Bekmambetov

Genre - Action/Thriller

Story: Wimp stuck in a cubicle learns he belongs to a fraternity of assassins. To say that director Timur Bekmambetov has a unique visual style is an understatement. As evidenced in 'Night Watch' and 'Day Watch', he is to the action genre what David Blaine is to the art of magic. Pulling off never before attempted eye-popping special effects with such ease they almost seem to come out of thin air, Bekmambetov may well be action cinema's second coming. All of which seem such a shame really because its wings of immaculate promise were fatally clipped in the god-awful ending, crushing all our hopes along with it.

2.5 STARS!

All about Wanted


zisan said…
nice blog i like you reviews
Shubhajit said…
As I said i my review, one should watch this movie only if he has exhausted all possible options of spending two hours. Popcorn stuff; not worth remembering once the credits start rolling.