The Pursuit of Happyness

Director - Gabriele Muccino

Genre - Biography/Drama

Will Smith's acting career has oftentimes been overshadowed by action hero roles that hardly challenge his skills as an actor. With this dramatic film however, Smith practically unleashed something in him that screams, "I Am Actor". Based on actual events, the story has him near the edge of financial deprivation and it is with sheer determination and the love of his child that he has the will to pull through. Destitute and with little hope, a tale of a real hero made of blood and bones emerges.

Merry Christmas.

4.5 STARS!

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Shubhajit said…
I don't know if the movie deserves 4.5 stars, as it was Will Smith all the way. Indeed, even the best of actors would give a limb or two for a role like this. Though clearly made with the intent to be 'inspirational', this is a sensitive and a very likable movie nonetheless.
We pondered long and hard on the rating for this. In the end, its likability factor warmed our hearts so deeply we had no reason to deny its charms. It invariably comes down to the actor.

Travolta had 'it' in 'Phenomenon' and Will Smith had the same overwhelming magnetism here too. If you look at 'Phenomenon' and consider its story, there is quite a cheesy factor in it. But Travolta made it worked. So did Smith in this.
Douglas Racso said…
i hated this movie hehehe
acura said…
I love this movie. It shows another side of Smith...The Actor rather than The Action Hero.

Inspirational especially towards the end when I knew it was based on a true story. His son is so cute too