(500) Days of Summer

Director - Marc Webb

Genre - Comedy/Drama/Romance

Condescending and armed with an air of "we've made a clever little movie, haven't we?", this is a critic's darling we should have shunned away from. With all its disguises and efforts to be more than what it is, there just isn't that much originality in the script. A lovesick guy pining for a girl isn't exactly new and unchartered ground. Yet, the director treated this aspect as something so profound, so important that he had to dissect this mystery of life, in 500 DAYS!!! Recipe: put in a hard to hate soundtrack, 'it worked in that Anna Faris movie, why shouldn't it work here' comedy and likable leads... Then watch how those who are easily amused clamor like wolves to a deer. This to us is so awful it gives love a bad name.

2.5 STARS!

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siutou_amy said…

You didn't like it?

I actually thought the less original was the soundtrack, as I often check it out for new music. Turns out my iPod has most if not all the music in it.

My friends all loved the music though.
Thelostrays said…
nice review:)...but i still love the movie. The soundtrack... yes, amazing
The Scud said…
this was one of my fave movies from last year. :D
Amy - Yeah we hated it. We don't get why everyone seems to like it. Guess we're the outcasts here. :)

Thelostrays & The Scud - Good for you. There are times when our choices differ greatly from the rest of the world. Maybe it is because we have very particular fondness for certain kind of films and utter contempt for select kinds. Maybe the film is just bad. Either way, we're on the losing end because that's one less movie we get to enjoy. So, good for you. :)

Thank you guys for the comments.
You are not complete outcasts. I was not impressed with it either. Here is my review.
Thanks for sharing Kogi.