Director - Roman Polanski

Genre - Drama/Horror/Thriller

Roman Polanski's character study of a highly sensitive, tightly wound-up girl who slowly breaks apart from the many mental anguish tearing away mercilessly at her. Possessed by her own dark emotions and receiving no psychiatric relieve to ease her pain, this is a very insightful probe into what a person who is of unsound mind feels and endures. Catherine Deneuve is exquisite here, saying so much with her eyes and body movements with so little dialogue. Likewise, the photography was suitably unhinged and moving, leaving the film with a feeling of watching a life being snuffed out, breath by precious breath.

3.5 STARS!

All about Repulsion


Yolanda Barker said…
Hey there, You reviews rock! I like that you keep it short and sweet, and cover the technical aspects as well as the story. Good stuff!

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Hey Yola, thanks for stopping by and the comment! :)