Cold Fish

Director - Shion Sono

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Ozu and Kurosawa were pretty gung-ho about directing films about family values and how important it is to preserve those values. Shion Sono's picture here is like a rebellious reaction to that. Based on a true story, it's as if Sono is using the movie to say that although those values might be noble and righteous, the Japan that he knows now isn't living according to them. Which explains there is a rot in society and Sono has a way with showing the other side of humanity which is quite eye-opening. The characters here are shown in the harshest light and as cold as can be, which explains the title. You won't be able to sympathize with these people but watching them succumb to their fates won't be gratifying either. We get what Sono is bringing to the table. The thing is, we're not sure showing so much negativity helped the movie. The pessimism was definitely unnerving and we would've liked to have a lil' more hope in the cards.

2.5 STARS!

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