Planet Terror

- Robert Rodriguez

Genre - Action/Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Watching a B-Movie that was made in the past is like a novelty. You laugh at the silly dialogue, plot and acting. To make a movie now that has all those silly things would be pointless and unforgivable. It would be like re-introducing the Walkman into the market when we are now using Ipod.


Death Proof

- Quentin Tarantino

Genre - Crime

Tarantino's Death Proof is arguably the better half of Grindhouse. Infused with his witty dialogue and great acting from the cast, this movie is technically superior to Rodriguez's. Rodriguez has simply made a B-Movie complete with intentional bad acting and corny lines. Tarantino knows the futility of this and made his movie not within the confines of B-Movies but has instead tweaked the genre into his own.


All about Grindhouse, Planet Terror & Death Proof


jeanc said…
I have to admit I'm not too familiar with old B-movies, I appreciate them and all their cheese, but I just cant watch them in full! So for me, Planet Terror and Death Proof were the perfect happy medium. I think even if your not a fan of Planet Terror you have to appreciate someone doing something innovative and new. It's a homage not a reattempt!

Anyway I like your blog, its an interesting concept... and it looks like you'll be discussing a lot of interesting people. I apologise if your already familiar with this (student/film buff/etc ?), but you have to check out the book "Film Art: An Introduction" by Bordwell & Thompson, I think you'd really get a lot out of it :)
Thanks for the words jeanc. As for the review, well, apple & orange :)
Dan Stephens said…
Both films are terrific but work better as stand alone features. Planet Terror is the obvious stand out - it brilliantly sends-up the exploitation flicks it so obviously admires while naturally inhabits a world of cheesy one-liners, ultra gore and over the top violence.
We still stand by our review of 'Death Proof' as the better movie. 'Planet Terror' is a novelty, but a bad one at that. To poke fun at B-movies you at least have to make yours funny. Tarantino being the more talented director made his with a nod to B-movies but still maintained his spitfire dialogue and personalized style. Rodriguez's script was without any originality except the part about a girl having a machine gun for a leg.

Thank you kindly for your thoughts on this Dan.