No Country For Old Men

- Ethan & Joel Coen

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

Adapted from a novel by Cormac MaCarthy, this Coen brothers' movie is about the evil that men do. Like an unstoppable plague, this evil is represented in all its sick f*cking glory by Javier Bardem's character. There has never been a more frightening villain in cinema, even with that hideously funny hair. At times the suspense created by the Coens is so thick it is almost unbearable and this adds to the film's brilliance as well.


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Michael Ng said…
Watched it 2 days ago. Not overly suspense but plenty of drama and unpredictability.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the heads up.this is exactly the review blog im searching for.concise,short and to the point.most reviews elsewhere are written as if the reviewers are writing thesises.they tend to over-analyze the film.anyway,keep up the awesome work!viva la cinema!