The Brown Bunny

Director - Vincent Gallo

Genre - Drama

Vincent Gallo's much derided, self-indulgent and languid second film. The script written by Gallo himself has a plot that takes forever to unfold. He has a very authentic, singular style but it's a shame that he chose to waste it on this unfathomably boring story. The central character played by Gallo himself is shown driving endlessly along the vast American landscape, testing our patience so much that a fatal crash scene would be gratefully appreciated.

2.5 STARS!

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Evan Derrick said…
Welcome to the LAMB!

I remember all of the infamous hoopla with Roger Ebert when this film premiered at Cannes. I can't believe Gallo actually apologized the audience at one point - way to stick up for your film.
Yeah, you are absolutely right. No director should ever apologize to his/her audience. It destroys the director's credibility.