Days Of Being Wild

Director - Wong Kar Wai

Genre - Drama

Wong Kar Wai's beautifully crafted film about the search for love. The late Leslie Cheung gave one of his most memorable performances as a cool ladykiller who is more complex than he looks. Directed like a love letter written by Wong for an era gone by, it is poetic, hip and undeniably an artistic achievement. The script is deeply intriguing and cinematography by Christopher Doyle, sheer class.


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Christian R said…
Great blog and concept - I also loved this film.
Thanks Christ, yours too.
I want to see this film even though people have said it's a bit slow since it stars Carina Lau, from infernal affairs 2. She's a really intelligent actor. And Tony Leung's real life gf.
Rumors said that they're getting married soon.
Steph said…
Ooh, I need to queue this on my Netflix. I am a big Wong Kar Wai fan. Thanks!
Hal C F Astell said…
One of my favourite films of all time and the one where I really noticed who Christopher Doyle was. I now firmly believe that he's the greatest cinematographer working in the industry today. On this one though he screwed up the filters, realised halfway through the film and Wong Kar Wai had the guts and the vision to run with it and turn what he had into one of the most visually lush films I've ever seen.
sasa said…
Yes, Carina Lau and Tony Leung are getting married soon. And I love this movie! Totally 5/5!
Hey, 1minutefilmreview, why not post a review on another WKW flick, 'Chungking Express'? People will definitely want to watch it too. (: