Hard Candy

- David Slade

Genre - Drama/Thriller

A modern take on 'Little Red Riding Hood' that will have you on the edge of your seat. Ellen Page who is also in 'Juno' is a revelation here, displaying a maturity in her acting that surpasses even older and more experienced actresses. Basically, the whole film centers on the excellent script and the terrific performances by the actors. A thriller that is cunningly deceptive.


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Colleeny said…
I love this film. It was my introduction to the marvelous young actress Ms.Page. I would also recommend Tracy Fragments. Its not nearly as interesting as Hard Candy story wise, but is awesome due to the interesting usage of shattered frame that Director Bruce Macdonald uses. Ms.Page is outstanding in that film also.
scituate said…
You gotta love films like this one that can pull off an entertaining ride with basically just two actors and a single set.