Mee Pok Man

Director - Eric Khoo

Genre - Drama/Romance

A low budget indie gem from Singapore. There's a very intimate and down to earth feel to this film by director Eric Khoo. The story revolves around a noodle seller who falls for a hooker. It's not exactly a highly conceptual or inventive script, but what this movie serves up is an abundance of heartfelt and relatable storytelling. Like the hot, steaming bowls of satisfying noodles the lead actor makes, every strand of the story is imbued with warmth and passion.

3.5 STARS!

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Thank you for introducing me Eric Khoo's "Be With Me". It was a MUST watch movie. You know, this make me really wanna check out "Mee Pok Man"!! Can't wait to find the title in movie outlets *v*!