My Blueberry Nights

Director - Wong Kar Wai

Genre - Drama/Romance

It's often when we are in love that we reveal our absolute, true selfs. That's when we are most vulnerable. Not when we are battling aliens or giant apes. Wong Kar Wai has been trying religiously to capture these moments of absolute truth in all his films, and he has managed to make compelling works of art every time. Singer Norah Jones in her debut as an actress is captivatingly better than Madonna ever was in her many films pretending to be one. An elegant American romance with substance.


All about My Blueberry Nights


how about the soundtrack?
Well maggielurva, that's your forte!
Anyway we like Cat Power's minimalist style and ethereal vocal though.
Ryne said…
Welcome to the LAMB!

Ryne (The Moon is a Dead World)
ignis fatuus said…
Been waiting to read what you talk about this one. Well.. Cat Power.. is— smokey!!
Fikri said…
Norah was OK, but Rachel stole the show for me :) Thanks for dropping by.
cedric x said…
loved your captured exactly what i felt watching the movie.your blog is cool
Indie_dinosaur said…
I just saw the film and I loved it... the images were so evocative and Norah Jones was beautiful! I just bought the amazing soundtrack and can't stop listening to it - one of my definite faves!!
Ajnabi said…
really great blog! thanks for stopping by.

This movie has so much into it. would like to watch other movies from Wong Kar Wai. Are there any of his movie dubbed in english?
Hi Ajnabi, thanks for the kind words! Not sure which of his films dubbed in english, try get the dvds with english subtitles.
Juniper Girl said…
This movie is awful compared with the rest of wkw movies.
Which part is awful? All of it? :)