Reservoir Dogs

- Quentin Tarantino

Genre - Crime/Thriller

Dialogue driven movie made with a low budget but a lot of heart. It shows that the combined power of a good script together with great performances will always triumph over bad material and lousy acting. Armed with his hip words and kicking soundtrack, Tarantino's actors are super cool cats whom you'd want to emulate. Despite having very little action scenes for a bank heist story, it's still one devilishly clever film.


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Brian Mulligan said…
Just making sure you weren't referring to Reservoir Dogs when you were talking about "bad materials and lousy acting." I don't think you are, but the phrasing came out like you might be.

Either way it's a fantastic film, one of Tarantino's greats and amongst the best of the 90's.
In regards to Brian's query, we would like to state that we have humbly amended the phrasing so that there would be no misinterpretation whatsoever.

Any thoughts derived from our review contrary to our highest regard for Tarantino's work is regrettable. We are rabid fans of Tarantino and remain so.
Colleeny said…
While not a rabid fan of Mr.T, I do love this film. Especially the scene involving the ear and gasoline....ouch.
Froog said…
I can't believe you didn't give it a 5. I think it's Tarantino's best film. There are so many clever little touches in it, it bears endless re-watching. Though the action scenes may be few, they are superbly executed, with tremendous energy and realism. There's also, of course, great dialogue and a fantastic ensemble cast, but I think the special strength of this film, the thing that elevates it to being one of the all-time greats, is that the story arc is so beautifully tragic - in the classic Aristotelian sense. It's a meditation on the notion of "honour among thieves", and the choices the Harvey Keitel character makes destroy him; the situation he's left in at the end of the film is truly heart-breaking.
ryan rudolf said…
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Hal C F Astell said…
I can see from the rest of your blog that you're Eastern afficionados. I bet you've seen your share of American remakes too, which are usually as horrendously awful as horrendously awful could be. As much as this is far more than a homage to Ringo Lam's City on Fire though, it's the one and only time that the west did it better. Something very special indeed. And hey, Lawrence Tierney rediscovered. There's much more than Tierney here but it's worth it for him alone, however much trouble he caused Tarantino.