Cinema Paradiso

- Giuseppe Tornatore

Genre - Drama/Romance

One of the greatest films ever made. This epic masterpiece by Giuseppe Tornatore has everything and more. It is at once a tale of great romance, friendship and the burning passion for cinema. The love of a girl fuels the desire and ambition of a kid who dreams of becoming somebody. It is this boy's experiences of first love and missed chances that captivate us. A must-see for anyone who has ever claimed to be a cinephile or simply, a movie lover. An instant classic of monumental importance.


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This is my all time favourite. A real masterpiece.
I had my third time viewing last 2 weeks. Cried over and over, even though I already know the storyline.
I just love this movie!!!
pebi said…
love this movie!
One of the finest movies on movie.i said one of the finest cos the best is undoubtedly Sunset Boulevard.i watchd it during a public screening at a film club. Heart rendering stuff. I'll post its review (also of Sunset Blvd) soon.
We have not had the pleasure (judging from your excellent taste in films, it must be nothing less than great) of watching 'Sunset Boulevard' yet. You can bet your collection of DVDs though that we'll search high & low for this recommendation.