- Kevin Smith

Genre - Comedy

Kevin Smith's debut is a triumph for the indieworld. It's an inspiration for anyone who has ever thought about making a film to just pick up that camera and shoot. Of course, you would also need a kickass witty script like Smith's. Most of the movie takes place in a convenience store to keep the budget low but it's the spitfire dialogue that's the star here. Charming and made with a lot of heart, this is indie at its best.


All about Clerks


wimpy said…
this film indeed paved the way for the now abundant indie movie scene. ill be truthful and say that i didnt like this film as much when i first saw it. i came down hard (to hard no that i look back) on the acting abilities of those in the film. but as i look back and see the imprint it made on film as a whole, i can see how monumental it was. now, clerks 2 on the other hand wasn't all that great.
pebi said…
i love your blog!very you mind if i link you?
carmen said…
yeah, clerks was great. but it was definitely of its time. don't know how well it holds up...

my favourite line?
"i'm not even supposed to be here today"