- Cameron Crowe

Genre - Comedy/Drama/Romance

Written and directed by Cameron Crowe of 'Jerry Maguire' ("you had me at hello" & "you complete me") fame, this film is contrived and forced from the 1st scene to the last. At least 'Maguire' had Tom Cruise and undeniably, Cruise has a certain appeal. Orlando Bloom without his elf ears has about as much appeal as melted ice cream. Crowe is good only when he does movies that draw from his music writing background as in 'Singles' and 'Almost Famous'. That's his forte and he should stick to it.

1.5 STARS!

All about Elizabethtown


wimpy said…
I would have to agree. I have some friends who loved this film, I was dumbfounded. I have enjoyed my share of Crowe films, Say Anything, Singles and Almost Famous being my favorites. But this one felt like he was trying to hard to write n indie love story.