A History of Violence

Director - David Cronenberg

Genre - Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller

Based on a graphic novel, it is a lamentation of revenge and its ensuing aftermath. Viggo Mortensen is a revelation as a man driven to forget his past in the mob but ultimately, it catches up with him devastatingly. Ed Harris provides a menacing and edgy performance too. The cinematography is deliberately comic-like, each scene shot to look like from the pages of its source material. It lends a certain unique quality to the overall film.


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matt said…
A great movie, yes, but I think the bit about it being shot to look like a graphic novel is more than a bit inaccurate. Per Cronenberg himself, he had no idea A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE was a comic until shooting.
Hi matt, we know that bit about Cronenberg not realizing that it was a comic until shooting. But after he began shooting he could have made it look like the graphic novel. Also, the screenplay is based on the comic so the descriptions of the scenes are likely to be similar.

We've read the graphic novel too and most of the scenes in the movie are quite close to the novel.
Just finished watching this movie.The only thing i can say now is WOW!!! Will review it soon.Thanks for giving it a thumbs up,cos that was in many ways instrumental in my watching this film.
Wow! That's great, thanks! Great that you loved this film.