I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

Director - Park Chan-Wook

Genre - Comedy/Drama/Romance

Can love blossom between mentally-ill persons? Would a relationship embarked in an asylum actually be viable? Korea's sensational filmmaker Park Chan-Wook directed this curious film that is part romance and part psychological exploration. Made after his 'Vengeance Trilogy', this is somewhat a departure from darker-themed topics. The mood in this though is still heavily tinged with irony as all of Park's movies are wont to. Loaded with inventive tracking shots and wacky camerawork. Check out the one-of-a-kind opening credits!


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matt said…
Is this ever going to get a Region 1 DVD release? I would love, love love to see this, but I'm afraid if I get a "regionless" DVD, it won't really be, and then I won't be able to watch it...

Also, thanks for visiting my site. I'll check back in with you periodically. I like your concept.
Sjovn L. said…
Seems very interesting! Am afraid of the sentimental mushiness that seems to come with some Korean love dramas, but with a twist on psychology, how can I afford to miss out on this? Really unique plot.
If you're familiar with Park's direction, you wouldn't compare this to other so-called sentimental mushiness Korean love dramas. You'll love this!
I've watched Park's oldboy & lady vengeance, and was immediately arrested into his delirious world. Would love to watch this movie as soon as i can lay my hands upon it.
celinejulie said…
I love this movie. I think it represents some mental patients in an inventive way.
Spot on celinejulie. We didn't know that you have a Blogger account :)
Desperately looking for i'm a cyborg & mr. vengeance!!! Somebody gift them to me...
Diceman said…
Saw it on a movie-festival in Germany in 2007. Definetely on of that year's best films, and also a really colourful and dedicated declaration of love for the power of imagination. I hope that didn't sound too cheesy, but that's what I really think about this movie.
geek said…
Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. And for the comment.I thought no one ever notices my blog. So. Actually, this is the only film I've watched, so far, directed by Park. But I really really liked this film so i'll find a copy of the "Vengeance Trilogy". Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll look around your site often now since I haven't watched many of the films featured in your site. I think your site is cool! It has a wide variety of films. If you like good horror films, I personally recommend A Tale of Two Sisters (but maybe you've watched it already) and Shutter. Thanks again..
Hi Geek, thanks for stopping by and the comment. Yes, we've watched 'A Tale Of Two Sisters' and 'Shutter', both were good horror films. We'd prefer the original 'Shutter' over the remake.
Sukachu said…
Yes, this movie is different from his previous movies. Less dark, but still a little violence.

I agree, the credits opening caught my attention. It looked great and somewhat cute.

*Btw, I like the concept of your site!
Hi Sukachu, thanks for your comment. Indeed, it's a very quirky love comedy, Park uses a lot of tracking shots in this movie compared to his previous films.
Shubhajit said…
Having just watched this movie i must say that i completely concur with your review. In fact i'd like to take this one step forward and state that i don't think anyone has ever attempted to make a movie like this one. Truly vintage Park.