I'm Not There

- Todd Haynes

Genre - Biography/Drama/Music

Legendary singer Bob Dylan's multi-faceted persona is explored in this intriguing film. By having different actors play Dylan, we get to familiarize ourselves with this complicated talent through a host of characters. Was he a poet, an artist, a political activist or just a simple folk singer? Might he be the sum of all these? Much praise have been heaped upon Cate Blanchett for her portrayal but we feel the performances of Heath Ledger and Christian Bale were distinctively more fascinating.


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i too have reviewed the movie, though havent posted it yet. Terrific movie. Wonderfully conceptualised. Though made in the US, its soul belongs to the maverick arthouse efforts of Europe. A movie any simpler than that wouldnt have managed to portray a fascinating yet complex person like Dylan.
Even though this doesn't pertain to the post,i have a question - how do u include pics (film posters) along with your posts? Reviews that i'm posting, without the posters, aren't getting the feel.
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It's very easy to add image. Just use the 'Add Image' button from the console to add it whenever you compose a new post. Hope it'll help.