Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

- Guy Ritchie

Genre - Comedy/Crime/Thriller

British cinema rarely looks as cool and hip as this. Filmed in a raw and frenetic manner, it is undisputedly director Guy Ritchie's best. The script is filled with testosterone-rich dialogue and dark humor, making it an uproariously fun watch. As the dodgiest and meanest characters try their very best to outwit and hurt each other, a wild and edgy story taking the piss out of England's underworld is revealed. It is also Jason Statham's best performance in a movie before he sold out to become a transporter.


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Fletch said…
I dispute!

I actually prefer Snatch, regardless of how similar it is to its predecessor. And I also think Statham is better in his starring role than in his minor one here. Don't get me wrong, I love Lock Stock, but Snatch takes the cake for me.
Well Shep, we understand how a large part of the world would prefer Snatch given that it has more budget and stars (Brad Pitt & Benicio Del Toro). However, our opinion is that Lock Stock is more original in terms of script and style. We didn't expect to be disputed but we appreciate your opinion on this.

Total dispute entry:
1. Fletch
(Anybody else wants to go in the list?)
wimpy said…
Lock, Stock is a definitive movie for sure, but Snatch, in my opinion, was better "built". Although I think comparing the two is like comparing Bottle Rocket to any of Wes Anderson's other films. The first film will always be the one your heart loves even if the other films after it were better made.