Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

- Kim Ki-Duk

Genre - Drama

The calm, tranquil existence of a temple and its inhabitants is slowly changed by the turbulent world that surrounds it. Spanning years and change of seasons, the life of a child monk as he grows up to learn of lust and greed is poignantly told. Kim has a religious habit of studying the human psyche in his films and here, he has chosen the loss of one's purity as his theme. Innocence ravaged, can never be whole again. Kim even makes an appearance here displaying his toned physique. An enlightening and spiritual work of art depicting the karmatic circle of life.


All about Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring


arvind batra said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
I see that you also recently reviewed the movie!

I watched Spring, Summer, .... 2 days ago and had to blog it right after watching it.

Quick question: I like your blog. You review alone or there is a group ? Can i join? You can see my reviews by clicking the movies label on my blog.

Although my reviews are mixed with personal flavours also, but i can give 1 minute reviews as well and i am seriously interested in getting involved in such a group. You can mail (both yes or no) me at arvindbatra@gmail.com
Thanks for your keen interest and enthusiasm in our blog. Currently, we do not need extra reviewer.
Romana said…
oh i wanted to see this movie for so long, but always missed it. have to visit our local video store to borrow a dvd. great!