This Is England

- Shane Meadows

Genre - Drama

An uneasy, discomforting look at the skinhead culture in England. A very impressionable kid unwittingly becomes entangled with a gang practicing the philosophies of white supremacy. Spreading hate and creating havoc, they are a dissatisfied collective force taking the child along for a spiraling ride into a destructive world. Day by day, he becomes more and more like them and it is his character's psyche that engages us. Will he listen to the voice of reason whispering softly to him or will he turn his back on salvation?

3.5 STARS!

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wimpy said…
this a beautifully shot film with some great acting. the story line is gripping throughout the film and you end up taking this journey with the boy. brilliant work. i love this film.
nick plowman said…
I keep on seeing this at my local video store, but ignore it.

I think I should give it a look as soon as I get some free time.