Citizen Kane

Director - Orson Welles

Genre - Drama/Mystery

Amazingly, this film still holds up magnificently after all these years. This is due in part to the brilliant story and genius direction from Orson Welles. The editing and cinematography is better than most films made even today. All these translate into one instantaneous classic which transcends time. Welles even starred as the leading man here and it was his charismatic presence which drove this film to its widely revered status.


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Cinexcellence said…
I still can't get over the breakfast table montage. Brilliant use of time.
Pedram said…
wow! yeah happy to see jarmusch fans around and citizen kane still rules after like 66 years, unbelievable.
i had written something about it on my blog, you might wanna check it out.
PunkRock said…
I can't tell you how many times I watched this film in film school. I even wrote a paper on the camera innovations. Ah memories.