Director - Christopher Nolan

Genre - Crime/Mystery/Thriller

Little known movie by 'Batman Begins' director, Christopher Nolan. Filmed in black and white, this smart thriller is a heady mixture of arthouse and film noir. Nolan's astute filmmaking and the overall dark atmosphere of it is infectious, making you reflect on the movie way after it ended. It's a shame though that not many have seen or are even aware of its existence.


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Colleeny said…
Sounds like a good film, Adding it to my Zip rental list. Actually I was sold at "Film Noir". =)
Wow! We're sure you'll love it Leeny.
Fletch said…
I rented this awhile back. While it's certainly good and shows promise of what was to come (specifically Memento), I wouldn't rate it anywhere near 5 stars. It still has the feeling of being a college/student film, despite the potential shown.

Still, I'd recommend it for sure to any Nolan fan.
Well,i have heard of this movie,in fact i even have the movie. Unfortunately haven't watched it yet. Hoping to correct that sooner rather than later.
Thanks for the comments guys.

We were sublimely transfixed by the originality of script and style in this film.

What we're looking for in giving out our coveted 'Who's Your Daddy?'(5 STARS) are cinematic creations which have the strength to transport us briefly into a place unlike our ordinary, humdrum lives.

We certainly do not agree that it is in any way a college or student film. It is in fact the work of a director very much in control of his craft. :}