Gone Baby Gone

- Ben Affleck

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery

Based on a Dennis Lehane book of the same title, this film is directed by a surprisingly gifted Ben Affleck. He finally shows us that he is as talented as his buddy, Matt Damon and maybe, just maybe, succeeds in erasing the ghosts of 'Gigli', 'Daredevil' and 'Paycheck'. For giving us this superbly directed thriller, we are ready to forgive his past sins. Casey Affleck is perfect as a smart-mouth private detective who isn't exactly the type of buffed, handsome hero we're used to in Hollywood flicks. With just the right amount of human drama and action, Affleck's first undertaking in the director's chair earns instant respect.


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Ank said…
Some of the movies here are really awesome and I can't wait to watch them.
Would love to have you on our review team and write movie articles/reviews in case you are interested.

Culturazzi Cognoscente Club
Thanks for the comment Ankur. Currently, we only review on our blog, as we only provide quick & short reviews which is very different from yours :) Anyway, thanks for your keen interest.