Hana and Alice

Director - Shunji Iwai

Genre - Drama/Comedy

When Hana and Alice, two best friends find themselves falling for the same boy, their relationship is severely tested. More than a love triangle, the story delves into the complex interaction of two schoolgirls going through a crucial period of pubescent metamorphosis and bewilderment. Like unforgettable, fleeting fragments of life, these bittersweet moments captured by Shunji Iwai on film will touch the depths of your heart and soul.


All about Hana and Alice


elgringo said…
This sounds good and I like the cover art. Thanks for the recommendation.

Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by and the comment :)
That Jason Guy said…
I love Shunji Iwai's films, especially "All About Lily Chou-Chou." Amazing visuals, storyline and acting.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by YES or No and commenting on the Johnnie To retrospective!
Hey Jason, you too! Great to know that you're Iwai fan. We loved his films, will review 'All About Lily Chou-Chou' soon! :)