Lust, Caution

Director - Ang Lee

Genre - Drama/Romance/Thriller/War

This is a soft porn masquerading as an espionage thriller. The production is lavish and Tony Leung's presence added class but when the film ends, all you'll remember is Tang Wei's 'revealing' performance. Coming from Ang Lee hot on the heels of 'Brokeback Mountain', this is indeed a letdown. Overlong and bogged down by a weak plot, we are left with only the charms of Tang Wei to sustain our interest. That's really not that bad considering she is one exquisite and wonderful actress, but in the end it's the cliched story that lost us.


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KC said…
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Hi KC, thanks for stopping by! Will definitely visit your site. Join the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) through the banner on the right column of our blog, you'll get all the links!
Sjovn L. said…
I am surprised that Lust, Caution received only 2 stars, considering all the rave that went on about it. I'm not sure if I'd watch this to test the waters myself (o my virgin eyes!), but your review is certainly something to think about.
Hi there. Our review on 'Lust, Caution' is entirely based on our personalized tastes. Some may agree, many others may not.

You're certainly encouraged to view this movie, form an opinion and tell us what you think. Don't say we didn't warn you though! (Just kidding) ;)