Rain Dogs

- Ho Yuhang

Genre - Drama

Independent filmmakers from Malaysia have rarely hit the mark with their endeavors. This film by Ho Yuhang though shows a potential that is both refreshing and hopeful. Its simplistic story which revolves around a young man who lost his brother to the triads, prompting him to consider revenge is juxtaposed against the quiet, peaceful village lifestyle. The cinematography is like a fresh breeze blowing like whispers of a better life in a convoluted world. Promising.

3.5 STARS!

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Sjovn L. said…
Rain Dogs!

Came across this title last year. Have always wanted to see such movies, esp those created by independent Malaysian directors. Which I suppose is natural for me as a Malaysian. Glad that you have it reviewed here, thanks.

Which brings to mind a controversial movie by Malaysian-born director Tsai Ming Liang, entitled 'I Don't Want to Sleep Alone'. It was filmed in Malaysia. Never got to see the movie, but I hope they have it on DVD. I'm not sure how good it is though.