We Own The Night

Director - James Gray

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

Joaquin Phoenix plays a hotshot gangster ascending the hierarchy of the underworld swiftly. This creates a lot of tension with his family as his brother and father are both cops. His dream of making it big is shot down when a merciless drug dealer goes after his family, making him reflect on his choices in life. The story is all too run of the mill, but Phoenix elevates the film to a place it never would have been without his remarkable presence. Truly one of the most gifted actors of his generation.


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Jose said…
Totally agree about Phoenix, but most of the movie was Scorsese lite in my opinion.
Romeika said…
I agree on what you said about Phoenix, he's such a great actor. However, not even his amazing performance convinced me of the transformation his character goes through.
Hi Jose & Romeika, thanks for the comments.

We concur. That was why we raved about Phoenix's performance and practically disregarded the direction and script. The stars we gave were all for Phoenix. Without him, the movie would have amounted to nothing.
Douglas Racso said…
i kinda sorta hated this film :) but have to agree that phoenix was superb. even wahlberg a some parts :)