Chungking Express

Director - Wong Kar Wai

Genre - Comedy/Drama/Mystery/Romance

This is probably one of director Wong Kar Wai's most upbeat films. His tendency of exploring heartbreak and rejection is still very much alive here, but there are more lighter moments in this than in his other movies. Faye Wong's cutesy portrayal of an eccentric girl is a pleasure to watch and so is Tony Leung's down to earth role of a police officer. Perfectly seamless use of music, ingenious use of editing and camera work all come together to form a terrific film.


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absolutely love chow kar ling's portrayal of the air stewardess.... the kind that would wet/whet any hot-blooded man's dreams ;-)
We love women in uniforms too. :)
Chow Kar Ling provided a symbolic contrast to Faye Wong's character. Of tainted complications versus life-affirming purity.
Mike said…
Both women were beautiful. Dig the site and review. Chungking is my favorite of WKWs. What did you guys think of My Blueberry Nights?
Shubhajit said…
This is undoubtedly one terrific movie & quintessential Kar-Wai. The second story is especially awesome for all its quirkiness and idiosyncrasies. The first story, too, is good, with its noirish and deeply existential themes. I absolutely love romantic movies turned on their heads.
Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by.
Here's the other movies of WKW's that we've reviewed:-
My Blueberry Nights, Ashes Of Time and Days Of Being Wild.

Well said Shubhajit! :)
estan said…
this was my first wong kar wai film that i've seen and really, i was awestruck. ever since, i've been looking out for his work.
Meinte said…
This one I haven't seen yet! Pretty curious about it!