Glengarry Glen Ross

Director - James Foley

Genre - Drama

There never existed a more magnificent ensemble cast than this one, before or after. With a script written by David Mamet to boot, those looking for top notch performances may well find themselves stepping into 'Actors' Heaven'. The material about a company of desperate property salesmen going all out in what might be their final sales manoeuvres resonate with emotional impact. Al Pacino. Jack Lemmon. Ed Harris. Alec Baldwin. Kevin Spacey. Need we elaborate further?


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Cinexcellence said…
Cool; never saw that poster before. There's nothing like Al Pacino chewing out Kevin Spacey. Priceless.
Thanks buddy, the poster's kinda rare to us too. :)
Dead Pan said…
damn do I love this movie. Jack Lemmon really makes it for me. I simply adore his performance here.