Ichi The Killer

Director -Takashi Miike

Genre - Action/Comedy/Crime/Thriller

Based on a Japanese manga, this Takashi Miike film is a curious concoction indeed. As a manga, it probably worked better on the basis that anything goes in the world of manga. When you put this up on the screen, it all seems infuriatingly irreverent and utterly silly. The dark comedy didn't exactly work and Ichi is too much of a freak for him to have any semblance of likability as a leading character. In the aftermath of this ridiculous Miike film, we are left wanting and repulsed. Hannibal Lecter was cool as an anti-hero. Ichi should never have left the drawn pages he came from.


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Colin said…
I was always sort of iffy about seeing this movie. Plenty of people seemed to think it was just so cool, but they're the sort of people where if 'they' like it, it probably isn't very good.