Incident At Loch Ness

Director - Zak Penn

Genre - Adventure/Comedy

There is very little we can divulge about this film, without giving away its intended purpose. What we will mention however is that this is one hell of an intelligently realized endeavor. And that it will surprise you with its hilarity which comes on like Jack-in-the-Boxes placed all over the movie. Werner Herzog, the infamous director decides to make his next project about the Loch Ness creature and Zak Penn is roped in to produce. Watch as this film within a film within a film unravel.


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Haikugirl said…
I enjoyed this film quite a bit. Herzog is a magnificient director, but given the right role, as a pretty good actor too. What better role for Herzog to play than Herzog. For more Herzog acting goodness the Grand was pretty decent too.
CavedogRob said…
I liked this movie a lot myself!
BillyWarhol said…
i'd love to see this*

looks kinda Spooky*
Hi, thanks for all your comments guys!