An Indelible Imprint In Our Hearts For Eternity: Heath Ledger

To commemorate Heath Ledger's final (completed) and electrifying role in cinema, we would like to invite everyone to say a few words here in tribute of an actor who was truly gifted and stayed real to the art of performance. On our part, we believe that he left too soon. We had only just begun to appreciate his extraordinary but to us, brief presence in films. May peace be bestowed upon him in a better place hereon after. Farewell and adieu.

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Colleen said…
Its sad the ledger died, but Dark Knight isn't going to be the last film for Heath. Isn't Terry Gilliam still planning to use the film he shot of Heath in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I have not kept up with this story ,so I could be wrong.
elgringo said…
I was in the Castro district of San Francisco when the news broke. Like the scene from "Fallen," you could see the shock/pain/distress/ spread from person to person as cell phones rang, friends told friends, and the legend of Ledger was cemented in time.

It really was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Xiong said…
I can't help but feel that the last scene in Brokeback is not only an epitome of his talent, but also a sourness in his absence from cinema. Wherever you are, may you be well and happy.
Colleen - In response to your comment, we have made the necessary adjustment to what we wrote before. Thank you.