Director - Jason Reitman

Genre - Comedy/Drama/Romance

We wanted to hate this. How good can a film about teenage pregnancy be? Very good, in fact, to our delight. The greatest element which undeniably put this on top is new hit on the block, Ellen Page. Armed with an arsenal of talents including an adorable screen presence, she is the soul of 'Juno'. The mark of a true performer is when the audience goes along with whatever one feels or projects on screen. In tears, laughter or sarcastic deadpan mode, we believe in miss Page.


All about Juno


Shubhajit said…
I liked Juno. Ellen Page is indeed a great find. She was awesome in Tracey Fragments as well as in Juno, even though the two roles were poles apart. Its amazing that such a young actor managed to effortlessly carry off two challenging roles like these.

Unlike Thank you... the humour in Juno was more understated and pinching, yet as equally refreshing.

Finally we are back to the same side of the fence!
Yes compadre. We're on the same page on this one for sure. You can't go wrong with miss Page. We have not seen 'Tracey Fragments' yet though. Too many films too little time. Sigh... :)