Thank You For Smoking

Director - Jason Reitman

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Aaron Eckhart stars as a spin doctor whose main job scope is doing damage control for Big Tobacco. Are cigarette companies really heartless merchants of death? Should cigarette boxes be labeled as poison? All these questions and more are put forward in this cutting, sarcastic look at smokers, their fix, and the people who go the whole nine yards to make sure they stay nicotine dependent. The magnetic charisma of Eckhart's character draws us into this Jason Reitman film like sinful intoxication.


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Shubhajit said…
I too absolutely loved this movie. The movie is funny, but with a great dose of sarcasm, satire and black humour. In fact, not just the cigarette companies, the movie provides a healthy satire on those on the other side of the fence as well. And of course the wonders that a good PR man can do!!! The movie also clearly showed what a terrific though extremely underrated actor Aaron Eckhart is.
Shubhajit said…
Since you are into a lot of Chinese, HK & Taiwanese movies, have you watched Rebels of the Neon God? If you haven't have a look at my review and have a go at it.