20th Century Boys: Chapter 1 Trailer

The first installment of the '20th Century Boys' (20 Seiki Shônen, 『20世紀少年』) trilogy opens in Japan August 30th. This is the most highly anticipated manga adaptation from Japan this year for us.

'20th Century Boys' first installment's characters.

All about 20th Century Boys

Official website of '20th Century Boys' movie


Ed Howard said…
Wow, cool. I've been reading Urasawa's Monster, which is really amazing. Supposedly once Monster finishes at the end of this year, they'll finally start serializing 20th Century Boys in the US. I'm really looking forward to it, especially if it's even half as good as Monster.
Monster's very good, we loved it. However, 20th Century Boys is Urasawa's greatest work to date for us. Please Ed, don't miss it!